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Closed Loop Filtration Systems

Closed loop water circuits will become contaminated with dissolved and suspended solids generated by the corrosion of pipework and components within the system.

UltraStream System Design

A conventional side-stream filtration system is designed to treat a percentage of the pump circuit flow, typically 5 – 15% of main flow to remove suspended solids and the biomass which is produced by chemically cleaning the pipework. Where there is positive pressure of 2barg +, a flow of water is taken from the suction side of the pump and passed through a PureTec Stainless Steel CF Series filter housing incorporating PureDepth filter cartridges and returned to pressure side of the pump. PureTec ‘CF’ and PureStream SFU series filtration units are designed for side-stream filtration of closed loop systems to reduce overall contamination.

The use of side-stream units is recommended by the Building Services Research and Information Association for the initial clean up and for ongoing protection of pipework systems. PureDepth filters are available in a wide range of absolute and nominal ratings so that the removal efficiency can be adjusted to enable structured and progressive clean-up can of the fluid. Where continuous operation is required a PureTec PureStream SFU fully boosted pump unit can be installed to the system.

UltraStream Applications

  • Condensate Systems

  • Fan Coil Systems

  • Plate Heat Exchanger Circuits

  • Upgrade Boiler Systems

  • Water, Glycol, and Brine Cleaning Filtration Systems

Protection Against

  • Dissolved & Suspended Solids

  • Abrasive Wear

  • Blocked Heat Exchangers

  • System Imbalances

  • Reduced Control Valve Performance

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