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Effluent pH Correction Systems

Why is pH Correction Required?

Industrial water treatment is vital as industrial users consume large amounts of water and create large volumes of difficult to treat wastewater during manufacturing and processing. In many instances companies are moving towards zero liquid discharge (ZLD) to improve sustainability outcomes or to meet Governmental regulations.

PureTec's pH Correction Technology

PureTec's engineers have a wide range of experience with designing bespoke pH Correction systems to adapt to and treat the variety of issues involved with Effluent pH Correction. PureTec is able to:

  • Achieve water quality requirements for use, reuse, or compliant discharge to the environment

  • Recycle clean water to production, reducing incoming water costs

  • Produce less waste during water treatment, reducing discharge costs


  • Smart Technologies that are designed to your requirements

  • Cost Effective Solutions

  • Meet Environment Agency discharge guidelines

  • Avoid plant shut downs due to non-compliance

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