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Incoming Water

Treating Incoming Water

Incoming water sources can vary in chemistry and particulate content. Whether your water source is a well, river, borehole, or mains supply, PureTec's engineers are able to design solutions to clean the water to your exact requirements. PureTec's systems provide water for production, cleaning or as boiler feed water.

Treating and filtering water at the pre-treatment or incoming stage is fundamental to the efficiency of the process further downstream. Raw water can be treated by a number of PureTec's technologies, either as stand alone equipment or turnkey water treatment systems.

PureTec Water Treatment Technologies:

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems and Pre-RO Cartridges

  • Nano Filtration

  • Ultra Filtration

  • Carbon & Ion Exchange Medias

  • High Efficiency Softeners

  • CEDI Systems

  • Cartridge Filtration Systems

  • Cryptosporidium Validated Cartridge Filters

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