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Water Reuse Systems

Water Recycling Systems

Water Re-use & Recovery Systems enable extraction of clean water from CIP and effluent streams. Reclaimed water can be recycled and used within the plant for product make-up, CIP, boiler use, and other processes.

Benefits of Water Recovery?

  • Recovering and re-using water is sustainable and enables this diminishing resource to be protected.

  • Lowers site water costs, both incoming water and discharge costs.

  • Facilitates compliance with discharge limits.

  • Protects production as it lowers reliance on external water sources.

PureTec Water Re-use & Recover Systems Include:

  • Assessment of installed equipment, design proposal for efficiency upgrades and payback analysis

  • Assessment of each wastewater stream (CIP, pasteurisation, boiler feed etc), design proposal for recycling and payback analysis

Technologies used are:

  • Ultrafiltration & Cartridge Filtration: Removal of solids for clarification

  • Reverse Osmosis: Removes impurities using a semi-permeable membrane

  • Deionisation: Ion exchange for removal of total dissolved solids

  • Pumping stations, tanks, ancillary equipment, installation & commissioning

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