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Membrane Filtration Systems

PureTec Separation's Membrane Systems

PureTec manufactures all its membrane systems within the UK, providing industry leading technologies in a fast, responsive and cost effective process. All systems are available as "off the shelf" equipment or bespoke designed to suit your specific requirements.

All PureTec's membrane filtration systems can also be engineered to provide retention and concentration of valuable particulates contained within the water for more efficient extraction.


Membrane Filtration Systems utilise semi-permeable membranes and high pressure systems to separate water from the impurities within it. Systems with varying pore sizes reject the impurities at different rates, making RO, Nano Filtration, and Ultra Filtration the correct solution for differing applications.

Reverse Osmosis

RO water systems remove 99% of impurities within water and are applicable to a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, food & beverage and desalinisation plants. Applications include decontamination, renal dialysis, wastewater recovery and process water production. RO works well in conjunction with other purification processes such as continuous electro-deionisation (CEDI) or ultrafiltration.

Nano Filter

Nano Filtration provides a lower rejection rate than RO, allowing for a more targeted removal of larger particles. This also makes NF ideally suited as a follow-on filter of Reverse Osmosis concentrate water to improve recovery and reduce waste water volumes.

Ultra Filter

Ultra Filtration is a coarser approach to water treatment and is ideally suited for the removal Suspended Solids, Bacteria & Viruses, and Detergents. UF systems can be used for both incoming water treatment and effluent treatment to meet environment agency discharge guidelines.

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