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Beer Membrane Filtration


PureTec Separations have designed a Beer Membrane Filter fit for the modern brewery landscape. Based on Crossflow Filtration principles the BMF removes turbidity such as proteins and yeast from the unfiltered beer, leaving a bright beer without compromising taste. Working in partnership with Pentair using X-Flow membranes PureTec is able to provide market leading technologies to the market, from craft to national brewers, helping to produce the perfect beer against the lowest possible cost level.



  • Low energy consumption

  • Solid waste stream is reduced by up to 50 %

  • Safe and hygienic work environment


  • Consistent beer quality

  • Taste Stabilisation

  • Reduction of beer spoiling bacteria


  • Predictable output

  • Non-stop beer flow

  • Simple process provides easy operation

  • Easy to fully automate

  • Less labour with no DE-handling


  • Beer loss down to 0.1 %, with no pre- and after- run tank

  • Low OPEX due to small system volume and integrated inline cleaning

  • No downtime

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