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EcoSoft High Efficiency Softener


The PureTec EcoSoft range of high efficiency softener systems are a volume-controlled softening system, specially developed for sustainability and low water and salt use, resulting in a fast payback system.

The reverse-flow operation means that operation and regeneration run in opposite directions, facilitating an extremely low salt and water consumption for regeneration, and high water quality.

Significant Water and Salt Savings

In comparison to conventional systems the PureTec EcoSoft range provide up to:

  • 80% lower water consumption
  • 60% lower salt consumption

The innovative design of the EcoSoft range creates an automatic and immediate reduction in the salt requirements of the system and significantly lower water consumption due to the reduction of regeneration cycles. This is achieved whilst maintaining and improving treated water quality,


PureTec's EcoSoft range is ideal for any application with softened water demands above 10 meters cubed per hour. Softened water is a key component across multiple industries from breweries to pharmaceutical processes.

Examples include:
  • Cooling water
  • Boiler feed water
  • Product make up water
  • Washing processes

High savings create rapid ROI and meets CSR targets
The water, salt and energy savings created by PureTec's EcoSoft range and the high volume applications it is designed for create very short ROI periods of less than 2 years. The savings also provide benefits to CSR targets, increasing our clients ability to meet their sustainability goals.

Sustainable Water Engineered By

The PureTec EcoSoft range is a key technology in our aims to provide sustainable water through our engineering capabilities. The PureTec mission is to have an impact on reducing water scarcity in the UK and globally. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you share this goal.

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