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Service Contracts

Through our service & support we put into practice our mission to establish long lasting relationships, becoming a trusted partner to our customers. A dedicated team of engineers and support professionals are there to deliver the best practical solutions to meet your specific needs. Your equipment is a valuable investment, our engineers provide the best support to address your issues.

Tailored Maintenance & Refurbishment Programmes

• Diagnostic & Optimisation Visits

• On-Demand Emergency Service

• ‘Red Flag’ Predictive Maintenance

• Reliable, Convenient Planning and Implementation Inspections

• Technical Documentation & Assessment of Machine Status

• Clear Vision of Budgetary Expectations

Specialised Industry Areas Include:

Water Treatment Plant

  • Reverse Osmosis

  • Ion Exchange Systems

  • Chemical & Physical Pre-treatment

  • Nano Filtration

  • Ultra Filtration

  • Carbon & Catalytic Media filtration

Process & Liquid Filtration Equipment

  • Crossflow Microfilters

  • KG Filtration Equipment

  • Orion Sheet Setup & Maintenance

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