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Food and Beverage

Turnkey Solutions & Systems for the Entire F&B Industry

PureTec supports the F&B industries in many areas of water processing and product filtration, combining state of the art technologies in process plant, filtration consumables, membrane & separation technologies, and its UltraCare Service division to deliver an integrated package rarely paralleled.

Working together to define your needs and select the most efficient solution, the plant is designed, works are planned, and we work hand in hand to a successful installation, plant commissioning, and handover. This, combined with our post-project service and support offers a lifecycle capability which is fundamental to our business ethos.

Whether you are a brewery looking to upgrade water processing, reduce water consumption, or looking to move to beer membrane filtration, a wine or cider producer looking to move to crossflow filtration, a dairy looking to harvest proteins from whey, or a plant looking to see if more efficient and reliable products are available, we're here to support you.

Water Treatment Systems for the Food & Beverage Industry

  • Membrane Systems:

    • Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filter, Nano Filter

    • Membrane Beer Filtration

    • Cider & Wine Crossflow Filtration

    • Whey Protein Harvesting

  • Water Softeners, Mixed Bed Resin Plant

  • Filtration Consumables:

    • Pre filter, sterile filter and cryptosporidium cartridge filters

    • Filter sheets, enclosed stack systems

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