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Sheet Filtration


PureTec Separations has forged relationships with the industry leaders in manufacturing to bring to market the highest quality products for your process treatment and filtration.

Through these relationships we pair historical excellence in knowledge and technical support with PureTec's desire and focus on our customers and their needs.

Industries include:

  • Beer

  • Wine

  • Fruit juice

  • Fruit wine

  • Fine chemicals

  • Pharmaceuticals

Depth Filter Sheets

High-purity, finely fibrillated cellulose fibres form the support structure of depth filter sheets, providing a large internal surface. Different perlite qualities ensure a voluminous, asymmetric pore structure and thus a large dirt holding capacity. Conventional depth filter sheets with different clarifying sharpness and unfiltrate volume offer specifically tailored filtrate quality in all filtration ranges. Due to its structure, diatomite has very good filter characteristics. The quantity and type of the diatomite processed determines the clarifying sharpness and the throughput rate.

Due to its improved wet strength and optimized surface, a service life of up to 30 pre-coating cycles is possible regardless of the liquid to be filtered and the filter aids used.

DE Filter Sheets

BECO ENDURA Diatamatious Earth Filter Support sheets offer improved characteristics at all filtration steps: Sterilization (inserting/steaming)

  • High stability/strength

  • Little loss of strength during all filtration cycles

  • No negative influence on the value-adding ingredients and flavors (phenols/proteins)

  • Uniform diatomite precoat appearance over the whole BECO ENDURA lifetime

  • Very little discoloration of the support sheet

Unpacking (filtration end/filter opening)

  • Ideal handling

  • Good diatomite separation capability

  • High wet strength


  • Higher number of cycles (longer service life)

  • Better cost effectiveness

  • Reduced costs

  • Increased efficiency

  • Higher wet strength

Stacked Disc Filters

The individual cartridge cells are made of depth filter media and the outer edge of two of these depth filters, whose outlet side is in contact with a drainage plate, is coated with polypropylene and sealed. Depending on the cartridge type, a different number of stacked filter cells forms a cartridge unit, which is safely held together by the three-part segmented sleeve made from stainless steel. Sealing between the filter cells is via accurately fitting intermediate profile rings. When installed, the segmented sleeve made from stainless steel ensures excellent mechanical sealing of the module.

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